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What to bring to your visit to Chacchoben?

Chacchoben is a gem hiding in the jungle. It´s splendor dates to 1000 B.C. being that the reason why its buildings are not that similar to other Mayan cities like Tulum or Chichen Itza, nonetheless they are built under the same mathematical patterns and oriented in the same way, taking into consideration the stars and the sun.

Since your first visit to Chacchoben, you can feel the serenity it irradiates. As if time had stopped in this ancient city. Walking down its paths you will find The Temple, The Palace, The Estela and the Grand Basamento. This will be a long walk full of adventure and knowledge.

To get the best out of your visit, it is important to follow these recommendations:

1.- Check weather conditions. You have planned a Caribbean getaway with hopes of finding a Paradise, and most of the time you will find it, but there are some days when Chaac, the Mayan god of rain, feels like sending a gift to the earth. So, it is important you plan ahead and bring with you everything you need to fight back the rain. The right clothes, shoes, accessories and even food or beverages will depend on the weather, so, plan ahead and don´t let rain surprise you. Any season of the year is mosquito season in Mahahual, so, bring bug repellent and sun blocker.

3.- Choose your clothes carefully. Going back to the first advice, your clothing will depend on the weather. Winter is not cold in Costa Maya, but morning could be a little brisk. If you are visiting in the first hours of the day during winter, a light sweater, long pants and socks will be enough to keep you warm. On the other side, if your visit is during summer, the best idea will be wearing clothes made of natural fibers that allow your skin breathing. Cotton shirts, shorts and a cap or hat to hide from the sun rays will be enough. Take your backpack with you wo you can bring other important stuff like water bottles, wipes and sun blocker.

2.- Bring the right footwear. Chacchoben tours require to walk a long distance. Your tour guide will take you from one pyramid to the next one and they are not close to each other. On top of it, you will be walking over uneven ground, so, if you are not wearing the right shoes you might slip and get hurt. It is highly recommendable to bring comfortable choes, maybe tenis shoes or hiking boots.

3.- Pick the best time. If possible, book your visit to Chacchoben during the first hours of the morning, when you can still find exotic birds and spider monkeys on the trees. The sound of the morning wing whistling among the leaves will caress your ears and boost your imagination.

4.- Keep yourself hydrated. Caribbean heat will make you sweat away all the electrolytes and minerals. To avoid dehydrating, bring with you enough water and electrolyte drinks.

5.- Keep close to the group. We know your visit to Chacchoben must go sharp on the clock, so you can go back to the port on time to catch your cruise, just the same as all the other peeps traveling with you. It is really important for you to stay close to the group and follow all the instructions your guide gives, in order to avoid delays.

Back to port, refresh your inner adventurer with a prehispanic drink from El Chaman before going back to the ship.