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Mayan Equinox in Chacchoben. A jubilant celebration!

Traveling to Costa Maya for Spring? Get ready for an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Come to celebrate the equinox with us and wonder at the astounding views of the Mayan temples in Chacchoben.

As you probably know, the Mayan people were outstanding mathematician and architects. Their buildings have endured the pass of the years without losing their majesty and mysticism.

Part of this mysticism comes from the perfect alignment of their pyramids with the path of the sun during the equinoxes, which can be demonstrated during those two days every year in the different archaeological sites across the Mayan territory.

Chacchoben, is not an exception, most of the pyramids in this site are oriented from east to west, facing towards the rising sun.

The only building which is not sun oriented is The Palace. You might be wondering why… Well, The Palace was not a sacred building, no ceremonial rituals were performed there. The experts agree on the possibility of this building being the house of one of the kings, that would explain the odd orientation. Because, if the king orders to build his palace as he wants, who dares to disobey?

All of the other pyramids are built to honor one of the main deities of this civilization: Itzamna, the sun. And it is understandable that they wanted to pay tribute to him, as according to the historians, Itzamna is the son of the almighty who created everything around us. He flies around the earth looking after his father´s creation, giving us life with his rays and setting with his movements the different stages of the agriculture cycles.

During the Spring equinox, a time of renaissance is celebrated in Chacchoben, welcoming a lot of local and foreign visitors who come to find in this sacred site, a place to re charge their energies and reconnect with their true self.

If you are planning a visit to Costa Maya during the spring equinox, booking a visit to Chacchoben is a must! Let the rays of Itzamna get into your soul and fill you with the new and vibrant energy you will need for the new cycle.

After your adventure in Chacchoben, go back to the port and keep learning about the Mayan culture while pampering your spirit and body with our Mayan Healing Rituals. Talk to a real Shaman and let him guide you to your ultimate purpose: Being Happy.

More than just a day in port, we want your visit to Costa Maya to become a lifetime cultural experience.

Come to Costa Maya and Discover the Unexpected.