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Finding your inner self with our Mayan Healing Rituals

Usually, a cruise to the Caribbean is seen as the way to have a fun and adventurous vacation. Sun, sand and cocktails is all you need to be happy in the paradisiac beaches of a remote and warmer country. Right…? Although this is a truth we will not deny, in Costa Maya, we want to go beyond, giving you options to discover the unexpected. We are proud to share with our visitors, the richness of our culture with our Mayan Healing Rituals.

More than a spa, our Mayan Healing Rituals are made to nurture your soul, and at the same time, pamper your body. An authentic Shaman will guide you through the different phases of the ritual.


The pollutants, toxins in our food and water, along with the negative emotions, create an imbalance in our physical body and alter our equilibrium. With the help of incenses of copal and the power of the herbs, the Shaman cleans the energy around you. Then, submerged in a warm bath of herbal infusions, your body can reconnect with your inner self and find the peace you were longing for. The infused water cleans your skin, leaving it fresh and rejuvenated.


You are clean! You may now enter the Temazcal with a pure spirit. The Shaman will ask you to set an intention before you enter the womb of the mother earth, with the certainty that all you ask with a pure heart, will be given to you.

Let go of the bad habits that hold you back, reclaim your true strength and, with the help of your ancestors, transform your bad energy into joy. Let the heat of the grandmothers move the blood in your veins and the air in your lungs. Sweat away your worries and leave inside only the good things our mother earth has for you.


Show the world who you really are. Behind a clay mask, your new self waits for you to wash away all the bad things that don´t serve you anymore. Break the mask and be free. Show the world your beauty, not only the physical, but the inner beauty that is now reflected in your radiant skin. You will leave Costa Maya feeling ten years younger.


Keep unveiling this new person, pamper yourself by submerging your entire body in a sacred coconut balm. Nurture your skin and soul and relax with aromatherapy and massages, with the fabulous view of the Caribbean Sea right in front of your eyes.


Let our experts wrap you in a hammock to give you the best massage of your life. Enjoy the breeze from the Costa Maya beaches caressing your body while you swing from side to side in a comfortable hammock. This is what you deserve, this is what you wanted from your vacations. This is life!

You are a new being now, you can go out and enjoy life as never before. The best complement to these healing rituals can be found in La Fruteria” where you can keep up with the cleansing by sipping from a glass of freshly made fruit juice. The best tropical fruits are in Costa Maya.


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