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The 5 most beautiful birds at Aviarius

Welcome to Costa Maya! a place filled with incredible experiences for all ages.

If you love animals we invite you to meet our beautiful and friendly birds at our aviary located above the port, just head of the pool area.

Enter Aviarius where you will be given seeds for you to feed some of the most friendly birds.

Here’s a list of the most beautiful species you can find and have a close encounter with:

Jenday Conure Aratinga jendaya

friendly bird

The friendliest specimens of the entire route. This bird with its vibrant yellow color will approach you and eat from your hand. Do not be afraid, they are very careful not to hurt you. This will be one of the best opportunities to take incredible photos. Remember feeding them with the smallest seeds.

Cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus

birds in costa maya

The Cockatiel is one of the most beautiful. With an elegant light color and a plume that makes it stand out from the rest, these birds are somewhat shy but you can’t stop looking at them.

Northern Cardinal Cardinalis cardinalis

Bird in costa maya

One of the most popular species from center and North America. The male of this specie is easily recognized by its mainly red plumage with a touch of black, which is used to attract females which have light brown color.

Coconut lorikeet Trichoglossus Haematodus

feeding birds

Very similar to the Jenday Conure, but with many more beautiful colors. In Spanish its name is rainbow. They are very curious birds, so be careful with their tricks when they come to eat from your hand. Remember to also feed them with small seeds.

Blue-and-yellow Macaw – Ara ararauna

beautiful birds

The stars of our aviary! Great birds that will make you remember the sea, the sky and the sun with the intense colors of their feathers. You will also be able to feed them with their favorite food, the biggest seeds are for this guys, and they know how to take them right out of your fingers with extreme delicacy. You will not be able to avoid the temptation of taking unforgettable pictures.

This is definitely an experience for guests of all ages to enjoy. If you want to continue your natural adventure and have an encounter with animals from the underwater world, you can go snorkel in our salt water aquarium A’kua Snorkel Bay and swim with the Rays. In your vacations around the Caribbean, get off your cruise and come to Costa Maya to discover the unexpected.