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Bar Hopping in Costa Maya

Keep up with the never-ending party in the Caribbean! Why would you spend your day sipping boring beverages when you have a wide variety of exotic drinks waiting for you? You are a sailor now, you can drink like one! If you are an expert in Bar Hopping, Costa Maya is the port of call for you.

Your cultural drinking starts at:

  • Expedition Bar: Right out of the pier! Refresh with a delicious drink and sit on the swings listening to the beat of Mexican drums our beloved Mayan warriors.

Here, next to the blue water, we recommend you try a Blue Hawaiian cocktail made by the experienced hands of our bartenders. It is fresh, and the coconut flavor will pump up your fiesta mood.

Then, drink on hand, enter the Mayan Village and keep walking until you run out of Blue Hawaiian, just in time to step into our next bar.

  • Playa Coco: Splash into the sand bar and be young forever. Party will be the only thing you can think of while toasting and singing along with strangers you will never see again.

The fount of the youth can be found here, in our cocktail Bahama Mamma.

We know the view is phenomenal, but your next stop is waiting for you.

  • Tree Bar: Shot, shot, shot! It´s time to turn on the heat with one or 2 shots of your favorite spirit. Our recommendation? Feel the Caribbean with the best Coconut Rum, then jump to the next station.
  • Mojito Bar: Keep the party going with this classic. Either flavored or natural, we are proud to serve the best Mojitos in the entire Caribbean. Feel the minty citric flavor in your mouth and prepare your senses for the next course.
  • El Chaman: We have a saying in Mexico: If you are feeling bad, drink mezcal… If you are feeling well, drink it as well. And our Bartenders at Chaman know how to make this saying a real deal for every customer. With mezcal based drinks they can cure even a broken heart! So, asking the bartender for his recommendation will be the best idea here. He is the Doc!

Just a few steps away you can find our next station.

  • El Cantarero: The traditional Mexican drinks here are served in clay mugs that keep your drink fresh until the last sip, so, take it slow and ask for a Tejuino. This is not a simple alcoholic drink, it is a corn based craft beer that has been used in Mexico for centuries, so, drinking it will be both, delicious and educational.
  • La Botica: Keeping up with the experimental spirit, a visit to this infusion bar is a must. Gin and Tonic lovers are more than welcome to discover all the flavors Mexican mixology has to offer.

And last but not least, close with a flourish tasting the most Mexican of the spirits: Tequila. The best place to do it?

  • La Bendita: If you want to really feel the Caribbean soul, please ask for a supersized Passion Fruit Margarita. Oh! The taste is magnificent. And of course, before going back to the ship, since you can’t have one for the road, do as the locals do and drink “La del estribo” with a Premium Tequila shot.

Keep in mind you don´t have to visit each and every one of the bars to be considered a seasoned Bar Hopper, pick your favs and have fun!