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The highlights of Costa Maya

The breathtaking views of the Caribbean are only the beginning.

When traveling to Costa Maya onboard a cruise ship, you will have a lot of options to spend your day at port, but also, if you want to explore what this amazing destination has to offer outside the port, there are also many things to do in Mahahual, the fishermen village where Costa Maya is located.

With the spirit of a sleepy town on the beach, Mahahual is becoming one of the top destinations in the Mexican Caribbean, just behind Cancún, Playa del Carmen and Tulum, and the best part is that this enchanting place still has that small village essence that will make you fall in love with it.

Our Scenic Tour puts together the highlights of this magical town for you to visit them comfortably onboard an open-air vehicle, breathing in the sea breeze.


The tour starts at the pier, where you will meet your guide, who will take your group to the vehicle and then, go with you to the tour. You will see how the port is, per se, one of the attractions, as it themed as a 1940´s expedition. Once out of the port, the driver will take Port Avenue, the recently built part of the town, where jungle and civilization coexist in a perfect equilibrium. You will see remnants of a boat that crashed in Mahahual when Hurricane Dean battered the coast in 2007.


Leaving Port Avenue behind, your driver will turn towards the coast, where the view of the deep blue ocean will take your breath away. The old lighthouse and the colorful letters of the Mahahual sign are the perfect spot for a selfie, having the Caribbean as a backdrop.


Once you are back to the vehicle, the driver will go through the village main street, showing you the real life in this peaceful village. Mom and pop eateries and street vendors give life to this street, along with colorful murals on the walls of almost every building and shack.


Go deeper in this experience visiting the places not every tourist reaches. Secret beaches, old houses who have endured the pass of many storms and even a hurricane. See the places where local people lives in direct contact with nature.


At the end of the tour you will be able to enjoy the peace of a beach that is right in front of the second largest reef in the world. At the beach club, all the amenities are included, so you can relax on a hammock, splash into the water or stroll up and down the boardwalk looking for art crafts and souvenirs in the many little stores close to the place.

A complimentary taxi will be waiting for you whenever you decide to leave this paradise and go back to the port.

Before going back to the ship, close your cultural journey with a drink from Rincon de Diego, at El Callejón del Sapo.

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