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Find out how the ecosystem works in Mahahual

Certainly, the biggest ecosystem in Mahahual will be found underwater in the Coral Reef, but back in the jungle, you will also find beautiful nature ambassadors of the Flora and Fauna of the Jungle.

The zone you are about to visit is home of gorgeous felines like the Jaguar and the Ocelote, peculiar creatures like the Tapir Bardii, reptiles of different sizes going from little iguanas to enormous crocodiles, and, as if this was not enough, this zone also houses one of the most beloved endangered species: The manatee.

Mahahual Paradise Ecosystem

Here, at Costa Maya, we take care about the environment and we promote a respectfully approach to the wildlife, reason why you will not find any of these animals in captivity, but you might have the luck to see some of them in a safe environment (for them and for you) during one of our Jungle Excursions, for example our Jeep Willys Jungle adventure”.

Heading back to the port you just can´t miss a visit to “Aviarius”. Here you will learn how our slogan “Flying in Freedom” really describes the way our birds coexist in their own natural habitat. Flamingos, Macaws, multicolor parrots, all together creating a symphony with their songs and drawing a watercolor over the deep blue canvas of the ocean.

A sui-generis aviary, where the birds come to eat from your hands, is waiting for you after amusing suspended bridges and stairs.

If you are a nature´s lover, please come and visit Mahahual. Not only the animals will surprise you, but also the exotic flora of the jungle, standing proudly after many hurricanes, will whisper on your ears the history of their resilient life in the Caribbean.

Majestic mangroves strongly rooted in the ground seem to frame a greenly blue background of lagoons, while the rounded leaves and clusters of sea grape from the local tree, Uvero, welcome you to the pristine beach that holds its name: Uvero beach.

Surrounding the monumental lagoons around the port, you will find Tulares peacefully dancing to the rhythm of the wind, while the reedbed sings the ancient Mayan songs.

Come to enjoy the richness of Mahahual. Mother nature awaits you.