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Shopping Experience in Costa Maya

Don’t miss the opportunity on your vacation to enjoy the Port of Costa Maya! Tour our wide variety of shops where you’ll find handcrafts, jewelry, clothing, organic beauty products, hats, bags, souvenirs, and much more. Take home the best memories of your visit to this Mexican Caribbean paradise.

Be sure not to pass by without visiting this shop! Let the world know you were in paradise and take home the best souvenirs to remember Costa Maya.

Take a little piece of Mexico with you from this boutique filled with color, shaped with unique designs and Mexican tradition. Authentic clothing, ornaments and little decorations for every occasion.

Organic products made with the traditional techniques that enhance your natural beauty with aromas and textures that will also pamper your soul.


Discover this traditional Mexican artform that has transcended through time and represents a piece of the indigenous culture of the Huichol.


Take with you a piece of Mexican hearth. Find in this shop the most beautiful hand-crafted pieces made by talented artisans from Oaxaca.

In each thread there is an illusion. Find in each fiber the heart of the Mexican hands that embeded their culture and soul in every beautiful piece, thread by thread.

Unique, colorful and traditional blown glass pieces that will reflect the beauty of Mexico in any corner of your home.