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The Mayan Equinox
Among the many things to do in Costa Maya, Mahahual, visiting the Mayan Ruins in Chacchoben will be the star of your entire cruise trip. The Mayans were an ancient civilization, well known around the world for their contributions to mathematics and architecture but also for the mystery that surrounds their disappearance. If you are interested...
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activities adrenaline
A cruise to the Caribbean is one of the best ways to embark on adventure, as there are many things to do that include sunny places and unexplored paths into the jungle. So, if you are coming to the Caribbean looking for an adrenaline-packed vacation, Costa Maya, Mahahual is the port for you. Here, you can...
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Things to do in Costa Maya
Among the many things to do in Costa Maya, especially when you arrive onboard of a Caribbean Cruise, one of the best experiences you will have is meeting new people, particularly the local people from the places you visit, and who are adventurers just like you. People working in the hospitality industry, especially in exotic destinations...
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5 de Mayo
One of the main objectives for us in Costa Maya is sharing with our visitors our traditions and culture. That´s why, all year round we honor our history and folklore with every one of our events. May is coming, and along with it, the most famous Mexican celebrations, 5 de Mayo, but… Did you know 5...
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Enclaved in a beautiful corner in the Caribbean, Costa Maya has become one of the most important cruise-ship destinations in the Caribbean. Our themed port serves as the gateway to numerous adventures in Mahahual, the fishermen village where Costa Maya is located. Inside the port, we have a wide array of services and product to offer...
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