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Bacalar the secret paradise of Costa Maya


When you love traveling, even the shortest trip makes you happy. That is what I learned from my last cruise to Costa Maya when I booked a tour to Bacalar Lagoon.

Every single year, my vacation consisted in a trip to the most exotic place I could imagine. Seeing different cultures and ancient places, tasting succulent spices and learning new words in foreign languages always makes my heart rev up. This year, due to our business needing more attention, my husband and I decided to pick a shortest trip and a 5-day Caribbean Cruise was our choice.

I wasn´t expecting it to be amazing, but our call at Costa Maya proved me wrong.

Costa Maya is a nice themed port with a free pool and really nice amenities, but our adventurer spirits were craving for an expedition to an unfamiliar place, and among the many options we were offered, there was one that caught my eye. A place immersed in the jungle, a wonderful “Pueblo Mágico” called Bacalar that promised amazing views of a 7-color lagoon put me in the right mood right away.

Once at the pier I met Jorge, the most incredible tour guide. He took us to the bus to start our journey and before the bus pulled away, he explained us the safety rules and verified one by one that everyone buckled up their seat belts.

Along the way I heard from him the secrets and mysteries of Bacalar. Every question or doubt that I asked Jorge, he was always there to answer. Every minute I was more excited to get to the Magic Town he was describing.

When we arrived to Bacalar, I knew all the promises were about to be fulfilled beyond my expectations. The colors of the flowers on the trees, the smiles of the people walking by and saying “Buenos dias”, everything made me feel I had traveled to another era. The stories that I heard during the trip came alive.

We stopped at a restaurant next to the lagoon to get ready for the boat trip that was waiting for us to go sailing and swimming. Once I left the changing rooms and saw the lagoon my jaw dropped.

I felt in love with the view of the many shades of blue reflecting on the water. I counted one by one the 7 shades, going from a light turquoise in the areas closer to the shore to a deep blue in the horizon.

Once on the boat, we visited the Fisherman villages and cenotes (underwater springs) that complemented this amazing landscape. It was like a dream, my camera went crazy with all the pictures, and I was not the only one, everyone else seemed to be hypnotized by the lagoon.

Then, the most awaited moment arrived: swimming in the Bacalar Lagoon. The boat stopped at the “Canal de los Piratas”. It was time to enjoy the water of the gods. The feelings were infinite. I felt free, I was living one of the best experiences of my life. I was in paradise.

Later it came the time to go back to land. We were so hungry, but fortunately Jorge took us to a nice Palapa right in front of the water to enjoy a delicious Mexican buffet where I tasted the most amazing mexican rice, seafood, chicken fajitas and my favorite: guacamole!

On our way back to Costa Maya, we stopped for a quick visit to San Felipe Fort. A Spanish fort built in the XVIII Century to fight back the British Pirates. We entered and learned about the legends of pirates and the treasures that this place has saved for centuries.

It was time to go back to Costa Maya Port but my heart will always go back to this oneiric place.

As a farewell to this amazing port, after an amazing day at Bacalar I decided to close my day with a flourish soaking up some vitamin D relaxing with a refreshing Piña Colada next to the pool at the Tree Bar and thinking about my next visit to Costa Maya and the amazing Mayan Ruins Jorge told us about.

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