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March 2018
Costa Maya, Mayan Healing Rituals
Usually, a cruise to the Caribbean is seen as the way to have a fun and adventurous vacation. Sun, sand and cocktails is all you need to be happy in the paradisiac beaches of a remote and warmer country. Right…? Although this is a truth we will not deny, in Costa Maya, we want to...
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The Mayan Equinox
Traveling to Costa Maya for Spring? Get ready for an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Come to celebrate the equinox with us and wonder at the astounding views of the Mayan temples in Chacchoben. As you probably know, the Mayan people were outstanding mathematician and architects. Their buildings have endured the pass of...
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Aerial View of the Ruins of Chacchoben
Chacchoben is a gem hiding in the jungle. It´s splendor dates to 1000 B.C. being that the reason why its buildings are not that similar to other Mayan cities like Tulum or Chichen Itza, nonetheless they are built under the same mathematical patterns and oriented in the same way, taking into consideration the stars and...
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