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power snorkel beach adventure

Among all the exciting excursions and adventures you can experience in beautiful Costa Maya, without any doubt the most exhilarating of these will be our Power Snorkel Adventure. A visit to the incredible coral reef that stretches along the coast of Mahahual.

The adventure begins

Start at the charming Costa Maya port, where you will take a short ride to the magnificent Beach Escape beach club. There you will be introduced to your guide who will instruct and navigate the group throughout the tour.

Once everybody is equipped with their mask, snorkel and fins, the guide will help you get familiarized with your Power Snorkel SeaScooter.

These are fairly easy to operate by merely holding it out in front of you and pushing down both buttons on either side of the handle letting the scooter propel you gracefully through the water at a top speed of just 3 mph (5 km/h) getting you closer to the action and even allowing you to stay under water for a bit longer.

Propelled by your own Sea Doo SeaScooter, you’ll have the opportunity to get up-close and personal with incredible multicolored fish, exotic species, and gorgeous coral formations. Go deeper and get a glimpse of marvel that other people might never get the chance to witness.

Enjoy the adventure

Let your SeaScooter take you as far as 130 ft. (40 m) deep into the crystal-clear water to swim among thousands of rare and exotic species. You will instantly be surrounded by hundreds of beautifully vibrant fishes like the Blue Tang or the Red Lionfish, countless types of elegant coral and, with a little luck, you may catch a glimpse of a majestic sea turtle or see mysterious stingrays that glide along the ocean floor.

To enjoy the most out of this adventure, it is recommended to wear biodegradable sunscreen since the oil from regular products washes off as you swim, which will harm and even kill the corals.


As your Power Snorkel session comes to an end, we invite you to head back and relax with your favorite drink while taking in some sun at Beach Escape.

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